8 Best Airbnbs in Cologne, Germany (2023)

8 of The Best Airbnb Deals in Cologne, Germany

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Cologne is a city of history in Germany. This city is known for telling its stories through multiple monuments with historical implications. The monuments you can find here come in the form of museums, art galleries, and churches. Some of the must-visit places are the Cologne Cathedral, Ludwig Museum, Romano-Generic Museum, Cologne’s Old Town, and Cologne Zoo. It is impossible to maximize your stay in a day. Thus, here are some of the Airbnbs you can stay in for a couple of days:

Apartment in Cologne! Right in the City Center!

8 Best Airbnbs in Cologne, Germany (1)

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This modern and newly equipped 2-room-flat has a reliable Wi-Fi connection. This property can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests and is perfectly located in the heart of cologne.

The roof terrace offers a fantastic view of cologne´s landmarks like the cathedral. You can have a freshly tapped glass of beer, or typical cologne style food in some nearby restaurants. After that, start into the city´s pulsating nightlife…The Friesenplatz, the historical district, or the Belgian quarter are waiting for you!


Eva’s place is a great find: pretty close to the central train station, and with all you need nearby: supermarkets, bakery, restaurants, easy access to the old town area. The apt is pretty spacious and has all the basic needs for your stay (and the outdoor balcony is pretty nice, even though we didn’t really use it because it was too cold, which is a shame!). I’d stay over again. — Chris

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Modern apartment in the popular Belgian quarter

8 Best Airbnbs in Cologne, Germany (2)

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This apartment provides a relaxing stay in the middle of the busy and famous Belgian quarter. The condo unit has a bedroom, bathroom, mini-kitchen, cable television, free WiFi, and a bench where you can observe street activities.

There is also plenty to do in the Belgian quarter such as eating in restaurants, partying in bars, and shopping from luxury boutiques.


Renate was very helpful and her studio apartment clean central comfortable and in a nice block. — Peter and Lesley

Ehrenfeld Apartment – elegance in-vitality around

8 Best Airbnbs in Cologne, Germany (3)

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This Ehrenfeld Apartment has a unique mix of everything. For starters, this apartment is complete with basic facilities such as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, television, and free WiFi.

What’s fascinating is the fusion of styles which are evident through the couches, artworks, books, and complementary whiskeys. When you go outside, there will be plenty of bars, restaurants, and clubs to visit.



Had a very nice stay in Ghiath’s apartment. Thanks to its perfect central location it’s easy to get everywhere in the city. The railway station (S-Bahn) Ehrenfeld is just 2 minutes away! In the area, you will find a lot of delicious restaurants of international cuisine at cheap prices. Ghiath is very helpful and takes care of every detail. I felt very welcomed and spend unforgivable 3 weeks in Ehrenfeld. Thank you! — Dimitri

Super accommodation near Palladium, trade fair

8 Best Airbnbs in Cologne, Germany (4)

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This condo unit is a chance to be in a quiet environment. The room provides all basic facilities such as a bedroom, bathroom, mini-kitchen, and free WiFi.

You will also find that you are near the Palladium where occasional trade fairs are held. In case you want to tour the city, there is a local train station to plan your travels.


Modern, nice, cozy, and super clean apartment. Sigrid is a great host, i arrived quite late at night but she still waited for me. I would definitely choose Sigrid’s place again if I come to Köln another time. — Trung

Modernes Apartment mitten in der City

8 Best Airbnbs in Cologne, Germany (5)

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This apartment is for tourists who enjoy being in the middle of busy streets. The apartment has everything you need such as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, cable television, and free WiFi. You will also be nearby a park named Aachen Pond.

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Make sure to stay in the pond’s beer garden where you can sunbathe, eat barbecue, drink beer, and enjoy the crowd.


We loved this apartment! Just as pictured, big enough for two people. Very clean and so many nice little details, like some sweets on our pillow, Nespresso cups to start the day, very nice towels. The bed was super comfortable with great big pillows. The location was perfect for us, as we had been to Cologne before, and we really loved the Belgisches Viertel and the Hiroshimi park. If you want to do the typical tourist stuff in the Alt Stadt, there is a metro stop right in front of the apartment. Communication with the host was super smooth; Marvin responded immediately to our messages. We didn’t get to meet him as the check-in went with a key box which we got very clear instructions for a few days in advance, which worked great. We will definitely book this apartment again when we visit Cologne! Would highly recommend it. — Anja

Attic flat, centrally located in a calm environment

8 Best Airbnbs in Cologne, Germany (6)

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This condo unit provides a spacious and relaxing atmosphere. You can expect to be in a spacious apartment with all the facilities you need such as a bedroom, bathroom, cable television, free WiFi, patio, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

Despite being in a quiet vicinity, you will find yourself near Rudolfplatz and Zülpicher Platz where there are multiple restaurants and pubs.


Chris is a lovely host, who gave us a small tour when we arrived. The room was absolutely spotless and there were already plenty of supplies to get around. It’s a nice studio apartment close to the center of Köln. Public transport was also close by when needed. I can fully recommend this great B&B. — Jesse

Well-appointed room with ensuite bathroom

8 Best Airbnbs in Cologne, Germany (7)

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This private suite is a chance to be in the middle of Cologne’s nightlife. The room has all the basic facilities such as a bedroom, bathroom, mini-kitchen, television, and free WiFi. While you can be comfortable inside this room, the fun happens outside.

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There is a street named Schaafenstraße where are multiple bars that host parties and festivals, especially on weekends.


Awesome hosts, very professional and dedicated. Easy communication, the room – stylish, practical, cozy, and clean. Bed super comfy with pillows of all types. Awesome shower. Quiet sideroad right around the corner from one of Cologne’s social hotspots. I and my daughter (14 of age) had a great time. Thanks again! — Dominic

Airbnb In the heart of Cologne

8 Best Airbnbs in Cologne, Germany (8)

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This room is strategically located in the middle of multiple tourist spots. The apartment contains basic amenities such as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, television, free WiFi, and a patio to enjoy the city view.

You will find yourself near plenty of places to visit such as the Cologne Cathedral, Diamond Shrub Museum, Cologne Cathedral, and the entertainment mile which is filled with cafes, discos, and restaurants.


Batoul’s place is even better than I expected. First of all, we were delighted to have such a warm welcoming! I speak German, but my friend doesn’t, however both Batoul and the man, who has rented the second room in the flat, speak English. The communication before our arrival was very good, check-in was very easy. We’ve received a very good recommendation for a typical German brewery, which was located only five minutes from Batoul’s place. Also, our flatmate was a very kind man, who has welcomed us warmly. Unfortunately, we didn’t have more time to talk to him, since we had a very strict plan for our stay. In terms of the room itself, I want to stress out how comfortable the bed is! The room was very cozy in general and we were provided with everything we needed such as towels (a small and a big one) and kitchen utilities. There is even a small balcony, that we, unfortunately, didn’t have the time to enjoy. If I need accommodation in Cologne in the future, I will definitely book here again! — Mariya

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Is Airbnb legal in Cologne? ›

Permits. In general, you need to obtain a permit from the City of Cologne if you want to rent any residential space on a short-term basis for more than 90 days per calendar year. There are exemptions, for example for students, who can rent residential space on a short-term basis up to 180 days per calendar year.

Does Germany have air B and B? ›

Airbnb is not directly banned in Germany. However, many major cities and resorts have laws that severely restrict Airbnb rentals.

Is Airbnb popular in Europe? ›

Which Airbnb destinations are in demand in Europe? London and Paris have historically ranked as the most popular Airbnb destinations in Europe. Airbnb has become an increasingly popular option for tourists looking for local accommodation. Visitors are attracted to using Airbnb properties instead of.

What to avoid on Airbnb? ›

10 Airbnb hosting mistakes to avoid
  • Using bad pictures. ...
  • Setting up wrong expectations. ...
  • Fixed pricing. ...
  • Being too impersonal… or too personal. ...
  • Not communicating clearly or quickly with guests. ...
  • Theming your space. ...
  • Assuming things about your guests. ...
  • Not prioritising guest requests.

Are there fake apartments on Airbnb? ›

What it is: Scammers can make a fake listing with an address that doesn't exist. Then after you've laid out the cash and show up with your bags, there's nowhere to stay. Airbnb does its best to remove these listings, but persistent scammers will circumvent Airbnb by continuously creating new accounts.

What is the German version of Airbnb? ›

9flats. Founded in Germany, 9flats is the European-based rival to Airbnb, offering users the chance to rent a variety of different accommodations for vacations, business, or mid- to long-term stays.

What is the average price of Airbnb in Germany? ›

Average Airbnb Prices By Country: 2021/2020
6 more rows

What is German B called? ›

In German, the ß character is called eszett. It's used in “Straße,” the word for street, and in the expletive “Scheiße.” It's often transliterated as “ss,” and strangely enough, it's never had an official uppercase counterpart. The letter “a” has “A” and “b” has “B,” while ß had…

Is it better to stay in Airbnb or hotels in Europe? ›

Benefits Of Booking An Airbnb Abroad

As opposed to hotels, Airbnbs are reviewed solely on one space, and on one host, whereas hotels are reviewed on a variety of facets. This makes it easy to find higher-rated properties, as well as personal anecdotes from guests who have met and interacted with the host or the space.

Is Airbnb cheaper than hotels in Europe? ›

In some cities, like Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm, a private room on Airbnb will actually be cheaper. Other times, an Airbnb is roughly the same as a hotel, which is true in Berlin, Vienna, Athens, and Prague. In Amsterdam and Rome an Airbnb will be cheaper than a hotel.

Which country uses Airbnb the most? ›

The country with the most Airbnb demand is the United States, with 99.5 million nights booked in 2021. They also had an increase of about 33 million nights booked from 2020 to 2021. This was a significant increase in demand compared with every other country on the list.

What is the biggest mistake on Airbnb? ›

One of the biggest mistakes new Airbnb entrepreneurs make is not knowing if an area is suitable for hosting. Not all locations allow short-term rentals and not all of them are ideal for business.

How do you spot a sketchy on Airbnb? ›

Warning Signs To Look For on an Airbnb Listing
  1. Reviews that only mention the location. Beware of reviews that praise the location only. ...
  2. Star ratings that don't align with text ratings. ...
  3. Poor reviews on a host's other listing. ...
  4. Photos that don't include an important area/ amenity.
Oct 11, 2018

Will Airbnb refund me if scammed? ›

Will Airbnb refund you if you get scammed? Yes, with Aircover, Airbnb will refund you if you choose not to book a similar rental in these instances: If the host cancels your booking within 30 days of check-in. If you can't check in to the Airbnb and the host can't help.

How can you tell a fake rental? ›

5 Signs of a Rental Scam
  1. Rental Pictures Look Too Good to Be True. ...
  2. Rental Listing Has Errors. ...
  3. You're Pressured to Lease Right Away. ...
  4. You're Asked for Money Upfront. ...
  5. There's No Credit Check Involved.
Sep 13, 2022

How do you tell if someone is scamming you on Airbnb? ›

Airbnb scammers will often use fake, stock, or doctored images to misrepresent their rental property. All too common are photos using angles and lenses to make spaces appear larger, as well as photoshopped amenities and scenic views that aren't real.

How does Airbnb work in Germany? ›

Germany has a national law that requires Hosts who provide short-term (3 months or less) accommodation to collect and retain information about any guest who stays with them. There are two ways to collect the data: Buy reporting certificates (available online) Create reporting certificates yourself.

Can I rent my apartment on Airbnb Germany? ›

According to the regulations, hosts are required to have a permit to rent out an entire residence on a short-term basis. Hosts can apply for a permit with their district office. As a Host you receive a registration number, which is attached to your permit.

What is the occupancy rate of Airbnb in Germany? ›

Active Rentals: 6,980 with 68% Entire Home Rentals. Average Daily Rate: 91 Euros. Occupancy Rate: 66%

What is the 90 day rule on Airbnb? ›

The first option is to rent out your Airbnb as a short-term let on the platform and change it to a medium- or long-term rental property once you have reached the ninety-day limit. Airbnb will not take your listing down if you change it to a rental for 90+ days, and you will also be fully compliant with the regulations.

What state uses Airbnb the most? ›

Florida: Airbnb's Hot Spot

1 with more than 3,400 Airbnb listings per 50,000 people.

What will get you banned on Airbnb? ›

That being said, they could also ban your account for the following three reasons:
  • Multiple account or listing suspensions.
  • Are in the bottom 1% of overall ratings by guests (Airbnb will give you a chance to improve)
  • You've infringed on Airbnb's Terms of Service.

Is Airbnb big in Germany? ›

Cologne has the biggest rate of Airbnb offers, with 1,154 overnight stays per 100,000 inhabitants, but Berlin has by far the biggest number of Airbnb offers overall: 38,500, a figure which shows how the platform has come to dominate the sector: the German capital's entire tourism industry offers 139,000 beds per night.

What is the cancellation policy for Airbnb in Germany? ›

Your guest is entitled to a full or partial refund if they can prove you haven't suffered any losses, or that the amount you withheld—even if in accordance with your cancellation policy—is greater than the actual losses you incurred.

How to find apartment on rent in Germany? ›

There are various websites you can search, immobilienscout24.de, immowelt.de and deutsche-wohnen.com being some of the more popular ones. Also keep an eye on social media sites as people often post rooms or apartments to rent there.

How to rent an apartment in Germany without Schufa? ›

If the letting agent doesn't mention being able to offer accommodation without a SCHUFA, just ask them. Even if they don't advertise the fact, many are able to provide leases with especially if you're ready to pay the rent several months in advance.

Can you rent an apartment in Germany without a job? ›

Can I get an apartment without a job? There's no legal reason why you can't get a flat without a job. However, landlords will certainly want to check that you're able to pay the rent for the duration of the lease. As such, if you don't have a job yet, you might need to offer additional proof in order to rent.

Where are the most profitable airbnbs? ›

According to data shared by Mashvisor, one of the top Airbnb host calculators, Nashville in Indiana is one of the US cities that offer the highest short-term rental cash on cash returns. Hosts can expect a monthly short-term rental income of about $5,000, with daily rates averaging at $260.

Which city has the most Airbnb listings? ›

In this article, we will explore some of the data behind those cities that have the most Airbnbs. London tops the chart with over 71,000 Airbnbs, easily beating Paris which has 55,000 listings. US cities (New York and Los Angeles) take third and fourth place, with Istanbul coming in fifth.

How many people can sleep in an Airbnb? ›

Airbnb's policy on guests leaves it up to the host to specify and encourages hosts to be clear about their limits. Hosts can state the number of people, cost per person, and the number of beds in the property. However, there is a limit of 16 people, to discourage large parties.


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